Welcome to DPM Solutions - training in liquid scintillation counting

DPM Solutions:

Training and consultancy on liquid scintillation and gamma counting

Full programmes on how to achieve the correct results from liquid scintillation counting

Advice on which cocktail and vial to use in your analysis.

Training is available for Packard®/Perkin Elmer Tri-Carb systems, TopCount, Packard FSA and Cobra gamma counters

Training is also available on Beckman 6500 systems and some Wallac counters.

Full documentation is given with each course



About us

DPM Solutions was formed and is run by Simon Temple

Simon is passionate about liquid scintillation counting

He has given courses across the UK and Europe in the theory and practice of liquid scintillation counting.  Simon has been working with liquid scintillation products since 1984 and has many years in training and applications.


Find out more about our range of professional services. We'll be happy to advise you on all aspects of liquid scintillation and gamma counting.  This would also include some of the range of Wallac and Beckman counters.  Please contact us for details