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DPM Solutions offers professional and reliable services in the selection fo the correct assay to suit your application.

DPM Solutions can save you time by ensuring that your analysis is correct the first time and every time.


A brief look at our services

  • User Level Training in LSC
  • Advanced Level Training in LSC
  • Administrator Level Training in LSC
  • Consult on how to achieve the best results
  • Free telephone support on LSC problems


Training Topics
The elements that are available for training split into User, Advanced and Administrator levels
Training Topics Standard Format.pdf
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Training available for the following instruments

Liquid Scintillation Counters:

2000CA, 1600TR, 1900TR, 2100TR, 2300TR, 2500TR, 2700TR, 2800tr, 2900TR, 3100TR

DOS versions and QuantaSmart versions

TopCount Plate Counter:

All DOS models and all NXT models

Flow Scintillation Analysers:

FSA150, FSA505, FSA515, FSA525 and software Flo1Data

Instant Imager

Cobra Gamma Counter:

5002, 5003, 5005, 5010

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